Karen Gillan shared a picture of her own Doctor Who cosplay and it’s amazing

Does it count as cosplay if it’s your own character?

Karen Gillan in Doctor Who (BBC,HF)

Everyone knows that even when an actor exits the cast of Doctor Who they never really leave it behind, with the BBC sci-fi series continuing to crop up in interviews, fan reactions and even future work projects (we’re looking at you, Big Finish).


Of course, a lot of the actors don’t mind – they’d hardly keep turning up to conventions if it bothered them that much – and generally speaking they’re happy to dip their toes back into old characters, whether that’s Christopher Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor for a fan’s wedding or even David Tennant as the Time Lord again for 2013’s anniversary special.

So it’s not entirely a surprise to see former Who companion Karen Gillan (who played fan-favourite Amy Pond in the series) also stepping back into her old character for a bit of fun, with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jumanji star sharing some pictures of herself dressed as Amy that were apparently taken during a Glasgow film shoot.

Donning the kissogram police officer outfit she wore in her very first appearance (Matt Smith’s 2010 debut The Eleventh Hour), Gillan is also accompanied by a colleague dressed in the Eleventh Doctor’s trademark bowtie and tweed, and the pair are standing by one of Glasgow’s old blue police boxes in lieu of an actual Tardis (if any fictional time machine prop can be described as “actual”).

Overall it’s a fun nod to Gillan’s Who past, and a sign that she’s more than happy to revisit it from time to time – in fact, we’re already dreaming of a return for Amy in an upcoming series.


And while we’re fairly sure the pictures were taken a couple of years ago, it’s nice to see that Doctor Who adventures remain in Gillan’s thoughts to this day. Amy Pond lives!