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John Barrowman just had to tell one former Doctor about Captain Jack’s secret return

He couldn't resist letting his former co-star in on the reveal

Published: Tuesday, 28th January 2020 at 3:05 pm

Although his return to the series was kept tightly under wraps, John Barrowman has admitted he told one former Doctor Who co-star about his return to the sci-fi series: David Tennant.


Fans were ecstatic to see Captain Jack Harkness in last Sunday's Fugitive of the Judoon, particularly as the dramatic reappearance was so unexpected.

Yet, one viewer who wouldn't have been surprised by the reveal is the Tenth Doctor himself David Tennant, who got the inside scoop from Barrowman ahead of time.

"The only person that I’ve told, and I was allowed to tell, was my husband Scott," Barrowman said in an interview posted on the official Doctor Who Instagram feed.

"And also I told my mum and dad. And my big sister. I text Russell T Davies. And oh, I have to tell you, I told David Tennant."

Captain Jack first appeared opposite Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor in 2005's The Empty Child, but guest starred several more times after Tennant took on the role.

Joking about their time on-screen together, Barrowman added: "It was great kissing Bradley Walsh [in Fugitive of the Judoon], but I have to say, it was even better snogging David Tennant."

Leaving the Doctor's companions with a foreboding warning about a "lone Cyberman," it's unclear whether Jack will be back on the show anytime soon, but Barrowman tells he would return "at the drop of a hat."

And whether he does come back or not, one thing's for sure - David Tennant will definitely be the first to know.


Doctor Who airs on Sundays at 7.10pm on BBC One


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