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Jodie Whittaker says she hopes her Doctor Who series will “blow the audience’s minds”

The new Thirteenth Doctor has high hopes for her series this autumn

Published: Saturday, 13th January 2018 at 11:00 am

We have a long wait until Jodie Whittaker’s first Doctor Who series airs on BBC1 this autumn, but it seems like the new version of the BBC sci-fi series will be worth it – at least according to Whittaker herself, who teased some seriously mind-blowing storylines in a new interview about her role as the Thirteenth Doctor.


“How lucky am I to play this part?” Whittaker told Doctor Who Magazine in their latest issue.

“There is no other job in the world like this, where you can see so many different worlds, meet such amazing characters and speak such extraordinary dialogue.

“When it’s all put together in one series I hope it will blow the audience’s minds as much as it blows mine when I read each new script.”

She added: “It’s never going to feel like [other jobs], because it’s this job and it’s amazing. It’s a world away from any part I’ve played before.”

However, at the time of the interview in mid-December Whittaker said that her day-to-day life hadn’t changed much, with the real start for her Doctor (the first female incarnation of the face-changing Time Lord) coming in the Christmas special that aired later that month.

“Is life different? I’m not yet the Doctor, so I suppose all that excitement and craziness kicks in at Christmas when the handover happens,” she said.

“At this moment in time, my life outside the job is essentially the same. I’m filming all day and going home at night.

“The world of Doctor Who is the job I’m on, so that’s very new, but all the external things that come with playing the Doctor haven’t really kicked in yet, so it’s been a kind of nice slow burn.”

Hopefully, now that the pressure is on Whittaker’s still having fun with her new role. We have serious, mind-blowingly high hopes for these new episodes.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn, and the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is on sale now


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