Jodie Whittaker reveals the advice she’s received from former Doctor Who stars

The brand new Doctor spoke about her role on Radio 6 Music


Jodie Whittaker has already spoken to “a few” of the former Doctors ahead of taking the lead role in Doctor Who.


Although she was rather cagey about precisely which Time Lords she had conversed with, the new Time Lord revealed what advice she had been given by them.

“I think the overwhelming sense is this is such an exciting journey you’re about to go on and it’s to be enjoyed,” she said during an interview on Radio 6 Music. “I think that’s it. They know I don’t know yet. There’s no advice you can give – no person plays this part the same and what a freeing thing for day one – when my day one is on set.”

We already know that Peter Capaldi told Jodie to “just enjoy it”, but surely it’d be fair to assume one of the former Tardis owners she has discussed her new job with is David Tennant, after the pair starred together in all three series of Chris Chibnall’s ITV drama Broadchurch?

Tennant has already praised the show’s new “strong female lead” and his predecessor Christopher Eccleston has said of Jodie: “She’s working class, she’s northern, what can go wrong?”


However last month, Colin Baker and Peter Davison clashed over the new Doctor, with Davison claiming he would prefer the Doctor to be “a boy”, prompting Baker to hit back with: “Sorry Peter, you’re talking rubbish”