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Jenna Coleman: the Doctor Who advice I gave Pearl Mackie – which Karen Gillan gave me

Companions need to stick together

Published: Tuesday, 25th October 2016 at 12:09 pm

Becoming a lead actor on Doctor Who is a pretty big deal, so we can only imagine how new companion Pearl Mackie feels about stepping into Jenna Coleman’s shoes as Peter Capaldi’s new Tardis buddy.


Still, if there’s one thing that’ll ease her nerves about taking one of the biggest roles on TV, it’s some heartfelt advice from her predecessor – which is why Jenna Coleman decided to pass on a few words of wisdom she’d been glad to receive from another former companion.

“I sent her some flowers and a note, and kinda just passed on the wisdom Karen Gillan passed on to me,” the Victoria star told Radio, cementing her reputation as a Good Egg.

But what was this advice? Was it how to best process the pressure of fan expectation, or to get your mind around the science-fiction dialogue, or cope with the scrutiny of the press?

No – it was where to get some decent tapas in South Wales.

Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who

“[It] was the best places to eat in Cardiff,” Coleman revealed. “So you know, the practical, valuable stuff.

“And other than that, you know: it’s an adventure, and enjoy it. I don’t think Pearl would need any advice from me really.”

She added: “I look forward to seeing her in it, because it’s totally unknown to me.”

In fact, as Coleman explained, the whole idea of watching a Doctor Who series as a fan only (after over three years of appearing in the sci-fi series) was one she found quite exciting, especially considering it was the end of Steven Moffat’s tenure as head writer.

“I am yeah, really really excited,” she said.

“I’m quite looking forward to seeing Peter’s Doctor as well, and how it’s changed him. Because that is gonna be really interesting.

“I’m just thinking it’ll be Steven’s last series, so that’s gonna be quite exciting. I’m sure he’s going to be on rip-roaring form with all these ideas that that he’s had since being a child. So I look forward to seeing what Steven does with his last year.”

If nothing else, we’re sure Coleman and Moffat will one day find some nice restaurants to go to and reminisce about their time on the series together once it’s all over.


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