James Gunn reveals unofficial The Suicide Squad poster signed by cast members

The director shared the image on Instagram shortly after filming wrapped

James Gunn

James Gunn has revealed an unofficial poster for The Suicide Squad which delivers on some serious fan service.


The teaser was illustrated by artist John Sloboda and features the team’s iconic logo ripped straight from the comic books, as well as an assortment of their trademark weapons.

Fans will immediately spot Harley Quinn’s oversized mallet and Captain Boomerang’s… well, boomerangs obviously.

A mess of guns and bullets comprise the rest of the pile, sat atop an ominous pool of blood that alludes to the high death count this film is said to have, with only a select few characters expected to survive the duration.

What remains uncertain is whether the film will have an R-rating similar to that of Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey, or a PG-13 rating that would make the film more appropriate for younger audiences.

When a fan asked Gunn what the age rating would be on Instagram, the Guardians of the Galaxy director replied: “You’ll have to wait and see!”

It is possible that Warner Bros may choose the widely accessible younger rating, after Birds of Prey underperformed at the box office when compared to 2016’s Suicide Squad.

In the UK, an R-rated movie usually gets a 15 or 18 from the BBFC, whereas a PG-13 typically translates to a 12 or 12A.

The Suicide Squad sees the return of several characters from the first film including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

However, the movie has recruited a number of big name actors in undisclosed new roles, including Idris Elba (Luther), John Cena (Bumblebee), Nathan Fillion (Castle), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) and Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok).


The Suicide Squad is scheduled for release on 6th August 2021