Into the Night on Netflix: When is it released and what is it about?

Everything you need to know about the new Belgian sci-fi series. (Warning: sunshine is no longer something to smile at.)

Into the Night - Netflix

Mankind has faced many threats on TV over the years. Sci-fi fans could rattle off a long list of creatures from other planets that have caused us no end of trouble, plus of course we face enemies from within.


But new Netflix series Into The Night could be the first time the sun has been the villain of the piece. That’s right, the orange ball of warmth in the sky, the one who puts a hat on and sings “hip hip hip hooray” – he’s gone nasty.

We haven’t gone mad, this is a genuine thing. Read on to find out more.

When is Into the Night on Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a date yet, but we are expecting the gripping six-part series to drop later this year. It’s the streaming service’s first ever Belgian original drama.

Is there a trailer for Into the Night?

There sure is – Netflix released this official teaser on 26th March and it features the terrifying line, “The sunrise will kill us all.” No more romantic breakfasts on the beach then…

Later in April, Netflix released a full trailer debuting the tense thriller’s cast and main storyline, which you can watch below.

What is Into the Night about?

Where to begin? First off, accept that the sun is bad. The series is based upon Jacek Dukaj’s best-selling novel The Old Axolotl and sees humanity plunged into doom after a “sudden solar event” turns the sun into a lethal orb, killing everyone in its path.

The only way to escape it appears to be boarding a plane and trying to outrun it. A short-term strategy you might think – how long before you need to refuel? Are there really enough portions of microwave chicken pasta on board to keep everyone going? We digress.

Executive producer Tomek Bagiński says this is really a human story: “What I loved most was the inevitability of apocalypse and the idea that you can run from it in a plane with a group of strangers who don’t even speak the same language. We never really know people we travel with – to realise that maybe those people are now your tribe – people your survival depends on – this is a base for a great drama and a great thriller.”

Who is in the cast of Into the Night?

There are no big names signed onto this series – the high-concept plot is really the star of the show. Netflix simply promises an’ international cast’ from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Turkey. The production is led by showrunner Jason George, who previously produced Netflix hit Narcos.


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