Looks like there’s a treat in store for Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy fans…

We're putting our money on some sort of radio adaptation, possibly animated...


Dirk Maggs is the director of Radio 4’s adaptations of the third, fourth and fifth books in Douglas Adams’s classic sci-fi comedy series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy (as well as a whole host of other excellent sci-fi and fantasy dramatisations for Radio 4).


Dirk Maggs has posted a tweet promising “Official News coming this week about what we are doing this week”.

The tweet features an image of a dressing gown.

Arthur Dent wore a dressing gown.

The dressing gown has a letter A stitched into the pocket.

Arthur Dent’s first name begins with an A.

Arthur Dent is the hapless hero of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy.

Ergo “what we are doing this week” is some kind of adaptation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy. Quite possibly for Radio 4.

But what, exactly?

The dressing gown is an illustration, not a photograph. The sort of illustration that, if it was followed in rapid succession by a number of other similar but slightly different illustrations in a certain order, could create some kind of animation.

“I’m putting my money on an animated adaption with the original radio cast,” says one Twitter commentator.

“It’s fun to speculate,” says another.


It certainly is…