He’s seen off the Daleks and the Cybermen – but can the Doctor defeat… Geordie Shore?

Doctor Who finds an unlikely rival in his iTunes chart battle

Episodes of previously missing classic Doctor Who stories The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World are dominating the iTunes TV download charts in the UK, less than 24 hour after being released.


Eight of the top 20 positions in the UK download charts are currently occupied by Classic Who, with episode one of Patrick Troughton story The Enemy of the World leading the pack ahead of episode two of The Web of Fear.

BBC Worldwide released nine previously missing episodes from the two Troughton stories just after midnight this morning, allowing fans to buy the remastered and restored episodes discovered in Nigeria 45 years after they first aired in the UK.

But despite the enormous excitement around the releases, at the time of writing the highest-ranking episode is charting at number three.  Although it was almost half a century in the making, The Web of Fear has failed to topple episode four of series seven of Geordie Shore (presumably a classic in its own right), nor can even The Enemy of the World overturn the first episode of Homeland series three.

Growing interest and media coverage around the show will presumably give all nine missing episodes a boost over the weekend – so surely soon the Doctor will exact his revenge on his Geordie rivals.