Here’s John Boyega in his latest role – as a furry, time travelling bodyguard

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star is one half of an animated duo in Nickelodeon's new series Tinkershrimp and Dutch


New Star Wars movie The Force Awakens has transformed John Boyega into a household name and a Hollywood star practically overnight. So what next for the stormtrooper-turned-Jedi? Another blockbuster movie to seal his reputation? A move into the theatre to prove his acting chops? Nope, a turn as a furry, time-travelling bodyguard in a new animated children’s show…


Yep, Boyega can soon be heard, if not seen, in Nickelodeon’s web series Tinkershrimp and Dutch, about a lingoustine (Darren Evans) and a slow loris (a kind of cute, furry nocturnal primate voiced by Boyega) who travel through time in a vehicle which is half-bus, half-castle in order to protect their boss King Hunnybun (yep, it’s about as convoluted and full of weird characters as The Force Awakens).

“Tink” is a wise but playful crustacean from Wales who likes solving crimes, while Dutch is a laid back, loyal London teen. The show even has impressive music credentials (if not quite John Williams) – it’s scored by Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy.

Hear Boyega and Evans in action as Tinkershrimp and Dutch in the clip below…


Tinkershrimp and Dutch comes to Nickelodeon online on 15th January