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Here are the breathtaking opening credits for Star Trek: Discovery

The new sci-fi saga has launched with a brand new title sequence composed by Jeff Russo

Published: Monday, 25th September 2017 at 3:26 pm

Star Trek: Discovery has finally energised to Earth and the first two episodes are available to watch right now on Netflix. And the opening titles? They're rather glorious – you can watch them by clicking play just below...


They certainly boldly go where no Star Trek credits have gone before. Rather than having the titular ship fly towards the screen (a couple of times from different angles, if you’re The Next Generation), Discovery sails through a series of architectural plans for ships and equipment.

Far more in the vein of True Detective or The Expanse, these atmospheric titles certainly set the launch stage of an epic series.

The music is composed by Jeff Russo, a three-time Emmy winner and the man behind the score of Fargo, Legion and The Night Of.

And, if you’re not suitably impressed, you can truly take the opening to the final frontiers by inverting the colours, with the blue colour scheme looking more futuristic and, well, awesome.

Whichever theme you've chosen as your favourite, may it live long and prosper


Star Trek: Discovery is available to watch on Netflix now


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