Here are all the Easter eggs packed into the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

Potential plot spoilers ahoy!


Kurt Russell as Star-Lord’s dad. The return of Karen Gillan’s bald and blue Nebula. Another look at badass baby Groot. Yesterday’s second Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer brought a revealing new look at what the 15th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in store.


But it also brought a new horde of questions. What is that Space Kraken? What is Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill doing with that retro handheld gadget? And what on earth does it say on his shirt? Fortunately, this trailer breakdown from Youtube’s Mr Sunday Movies puts forward some convincing answers alongside a detailed explanation of all the easter eggs, references and potential plotlines crammed into the trailer. Enjoy.

And here’s some bonus Guardians news for you, a new poster’s been released to feast your eyes on…


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is released in the UK on April 28th, and in North America on May 5th