Kurt Russell makes his debut as Star-Lord’s dad in new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer

It's time for Chris Pratt's Peter Quill to meet his father


The first official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol II is here, bringing with it The Night Manager’s Elizabeth Debicki in head-to-toe gold paint and our first look at Kurt Russell as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s mysterious daddy.


The second instalment in James Gunn’s Guardians franchise sees Chris Pratt’s gung-ho galaxy-saving squad teaming up to errr, save the galaxy once again and this time it seems they’ll have a little help from Karen Gillan’s former villain Nebula.

Along the way they attempt to unravel the mystery of Peter’s true parentage, and we’re guessing they get their heads around it eventually because the closing seconds of the sneak peek feature his first meeting with Kurt Russell’s ‘Ego’.

Quite a fitting name for Star-Lord’s dad, don’cha think?


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II opens in UK cinemas on April 28th