If you thought that Torchwood’s story ended with 2010 series Miracle Day, then think again – because a new Big Finish audio drama starring series mainstays Eve Myles and Kai Owen is set to explore what happened next.


Following on from two other soon-to-be-released audio dramas starring John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness and Gareth David-Lloyd’s Ianto Jones (both set prior to Torchwood’s last TV episodes), the new entry Forgotten Lives will see the married Gwen and Rhys years after their last adventure in Torchwood: Miracle Day. Their days battling aliens are long behind them – that is, until they get a phonecall…

“Captain Jack's the poster boy, Ianto's the style, but Eve and Kai are the heart of Torchwood,” Big Finish producer James Goss said. “Listening to the two of them back together is an utter joy. We pick up their story after Torchwood: Miracle Day. How has life been treating them? It's a delight to find out.”

The episode's synopsis reads:

It has been four years since the Miracle, and Gwen and Rhys's lives have gone back to normal, very normal. They're raising their daughter (they've got pictures they'd be only too happy to show you), they're living in a nice house, and they're almost on top of the laundry.

Captain Jack Harkness has been missing from the world and their lives for a long time. But late one night the phone rings, and they're summoned to an isolated part of North Wales. The Bryn Offa Nursing Home contains a dark secret, an alien threat, and someone who really shouldn't be there.

Gwen and Rhys are about to discover that Torchwood stays with you for the rest of your life.

“I still can’t believe that I’ve been asked to write a story for the brilliant characters of Gwen and Rhys,' said episode writer Emma Reeves. “I’ve been lucky enough to write for Eve before, on Belonging, and I know that she has a unique gift of imbuing every syllable with the deepest meaning. Getting Eve Myles and Kai Owen, too, is basically like winning the writer lottery.”

Forgotten Lives will be released in November, and won't be the last time we hear from Eve Myles’ Gwen Cooper in the audio project – she's set to crop up again later in Big Finish's six-part series. Perhaps we’ll get that full Torchwood reunion after all…



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