Greg Davies is a malfunctioning synth in this hilarious Humans skit

This might have been Stand Up to Cancer’s funniest moment


Channel 4’s charity telethon Stand Up to Cancer had plenty of great moments last night, from the Celebrity Gogglebox special to the return of Davina McCall’s old dating show Streetmate.


But perhaps the funniest riff on an existing C4 show came with creepy sci-fi Humans, which delivered a sketch based in its world where Gemma Chan’s capable synth is replaced by an older model – played by Greg Davies.

Frankly we’re not sure what we love most about this. Is it the way they try and fix Anita by dumping her in rice like an iPhone? The way the house gets gradually messier and depressing in every shot? Or maybe the rash of other synth celebrity cameos, including Vanessa Feltz, Joe Swash (whose voice comes as standard, unfortunately) and Louie Spence?

We’ll probably never decide – but we’ll also never forget the image of Greg Davies offering Tom Goodman-Hill the adult options package. That’s creepier than anything the main series ever managed…

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Humans returns to Channel 4 on Sunday 30th October at 9.00pm