Long before Jodie Whittaker or even Michelle Gomez, there was another major Time Lady kicking ass and saving lives in modern Doctor Who (obviously there were more in the classic series) – Georgia Tennant’s character Jenny, a cloned “daughter” of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, who won fan’s hearts despite appearing in just one episode during the sci-fi series' 2008 run.


Now, Jenny’s back for a four-part series of Big Finish audio adventures that follow her travels in the years after we saw her fly off into space – but Tennant (who is married in real-life to Tenth Doctor David) says she hasn’t ruled out a TV return as well, especially considering how excited she is about Whittaker’s casting in the lead role.

“I was so pleased because it, to me, sort of felt like the time had come where it was about casting the right person, it wasn't about casting for the gender,” Tennant told RadioTimes.com last year in a break from recording her first return to the Doctor Who universe in a decade.

“And the fact that she is a brilliant actress, and has clearly not been cast just for the fact that she’s a woman, is a really exciting thing. And she's going to be brilliant – she's brilliant in everything she does, she's lovely, and I just feel like it was absolutely the right [decision]

“It doesn't even occur to me to question whether it should have been a man or a woman. It should've been her,” she concluded.

But could we see Jenny return to team up with the Thirteenth Doctor?

“That would be pretty cool, yeah,” Tennant said, later adding “I have high hopes for Chris Chibnall.”

Still, for now she’s happy to be bringing the character back in any form, especially after being asked about Jenny for the last decade of her life.

“It was just the sort of sheer perseverance,” Tennant told us.

“I thought 'Oh, that's quite nice that they're still asking. And I suppose I feel like there's been enough time now that I feel like I wanted to revisit it, and I could do that with a sort of fresh head on. Because I've been talking about that one episode I did for quite a long time.

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“And telling the same stories over and over again. And I thought 'Oh, I should probably stop telling these stories now. Getting a bit dull for everyone.'

“And then I thought 'Oh you know what actually – I can probably come back to this, revisit it, and in a way it's great because you can create an entirely new character. Because she didn't exist before that episode, and she only existed for that time. We could imprint whatever personality we wanted on her.

“And that was sort of tempting and lovely. And I've done quite a lot of Big Finish stuff, and they're all really nice. And ultimately that's what convinced me to do it. They're all nice people.”

So Jenny lives to fight, laugh and run once again. Fingers crossed this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.


All four episodes of Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter are available for purchase and download now