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George Takei has some ideas about what his Star Trek: Discovery character could be

"An old, ancient, grizzled, wise Sulu or an alien life form," says Mr Sulu

Published: Saturday, 8th October 2016 at 12:10 pm

As Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary and fans look forward to yet another new addition to the franchise in Bryan Fuller's upcoming TV series Star Trek: Discovery, it's only natural to wonder whether we might be treated to the odd cameo from the surviving members of the original crew of the USS Enterprise.


Nichelle Nichols, AKA Lieutenant Uhura, told us recently that there's a chance she might be involved, and now George Takei, who played helmsman Mr Sulu, reveals he would "love to" be involved and already has some ideas about potential characters.

"I don't know what the format's going to be," says Takei, "an old, ancient, grizzled, wise Sulu or an alien life form that sounds like Sulu – but older."

Despite his stress on the "old" Takei is an incredibly trim and energetic 79 year old, who still regularly goes out running and is showing no signs of fatigue from the press and convention tour he's currently engaged in.

And it's clear he's keen to do more Star Trek given the opportunity, praising showrunner Fuller as someone who understands the original series and will give the new show the depth Takei believes the recent movies have lacked.

"Bryan Fuller loves Star Trek, understands [creator] Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek," says Takei. "I'm looking forward to that version which I think is going to have that depth."

All that remains is for Fuller to pick up the phone and make the call. I tell Takei I will do my best to secure a meeting and pitch for him.

He nods enthusiastically: "Drop all the hints!"


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