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Everything we learnt from the new Stranger Things trailer

A gargantuan new Demogorgon, sneaky 80's references and Eggos. Lots of Eggos

Published: Monday, 6th February 2017 at 2:11 pm

It's only 36 seconds long, but the new trailer for Stranger Things has turned fans' worlds upside down. In a good way.


From glimpses of the Hawkins kids back in action, to a massive new monster, the sneak peek at series two is crammed with shots that’ll make you scream, jolt from the floor with excitement and, well, everything the Stranger Things gang did while watching…

In fact, there was so much in it that you probably missed some of the key clues to what’s to come in season two. So, here’s the Stranger Things trailer deconstructed:

Eggos made a comeback

As well as reminding us of Eleven’s waffles fetish from season one, starting the trailer with this throwback to a 1980 Eggos commercial sets the tone of Stranger Thing’s brand of 1980s nostalgia.

And just in case you’re wondering, that Eggos advert was real – the small boy is a young Jason Hervey, an actor who starred in American comedy-drama hit The Wonder Years, and in Back to The Future as Milton Baines, the young version of Marty’s uncle who asks what a re-run is.

Eleven! Is! Back!

Interestingly, we see her upside down (in the Upside Down?) with a nosebleed and echoes of Mike screaming her name in her ears. Could this be just after El vanishes with the Demogorgon during the last episode of season one?

Who you gonna call?


Mike, Lucas and Dustin will be taking to the peddle once more, this time donning Ghostbusters overalls for Halloween at Hawkins Middle School (spot the pumpkins on the school in the screenshot below).

Importantly, the Bill Murray Ghostbusters film was released in June 1984, indicating that the second series of Stranger Things will take place a few months after the events of season one, set in November 1983. It’s a reference that makes us pretty sure there’s going to be a Demogorgon/Ghost Trap joke.

An interesting development, but these screenshots also pose a major question: there are only three Ghostbusters – isn’t a major character missing here?

Where is Will Byers?

The weird alien slug vomit incident at the end of last season indicated that the Upside Down isn’t quite out of Will’s life. The new trailer concurs.

There are a few shots where Will looks in trouble again: you can see him on a monitor appearing to be wired up next to his mum (Winona Ryder) in some sort of lab (we’re guessing the infamous Hawkins labs). Could the doctor in a white lab-coat be Paul Reiser as Dr Owens?

So, why is Will there? Has he been having more visions of the Demogorgon’s lair? Has – and this is a long shot – Will developed powers like Eleven after spending so much time in the Upside Down in season one? Or does he just need to speak to somebody about his absurdly long socks?

Also, note the time stamp at the bottom of the screen: October 30, 1984. This confirms that the second season is set just less than a year after the first.

More humans could be entering the Upside Down

The trailer promises us that “the world is turning upside down", perhaps indicating the real Hawkins is merging with the slimy hell of The Monster’s. However, looks like there’s still some divide as a figure appears to be entering the Upside Down wearing a protective biohazard suit, equipped with a flamethrower. Whoever they are, it looks like they’re not taking any chances.

A new monster cometh…

It’s the screenshot you’ve probably seen the most: a humongous beast seemingly beyond Eleven’s psychic abilities sprawling across a stormy red sky.

That bowl cut suggests Will’s the one to open the door on the apocalyptic Trick or Treater – and it also like he’s also drawn a picture of it (we known from season one Will was keen with a pencil).

It's also worth noting the sketches of trees to the right of the shot – did Will use this to explain what happened to him in the Upside Down woods?

These drawings paired with the shots of Will being examined could indicate that the sky monster is just a vision, but it looks like some characters are in immediate danger…

Chief Hopper will have an explosive season...

It’s a simple inference really: something smashes through a wall and Chief Hopper is on the other side. We want to say it’s the sky monster’s work, but that window has blue light shining through, not red, so it seems like it might be more real-world. 

And speaking of Hopper…

Chief Hopper will dig up, erm, something in the new season

Is he discovering something? Burying a body? We don’t know. But we do love that yellow and blue colour palette (the one that, interestingly, can also be seen on the biohazard suit and flamethrower above).

Eleven’s not looking too happy

We’re taking somewhat of a leap on this one, but it looks like Eleven has grown out her hair and is crying on the floor. Why? We’re guessing it’s about something more than losing her badass buzzcut look.

We haven’t seen the teens of the show yet

The trailer reveals nothing of how the Nancy, Steve (mini Jean-Ralphio) and Jonathon Byers love triangle is going. And we’re yet to see a glimpse of new cast members Sean Astin and Linnea Berthelsen.

And, finally, we have an airdate

It's Halloween 2017, people. Not only does this give you a brilliant excuse to skip any fancy dress parties in favour of a Stranger Things binge, but it also serves as another reminder of the show’s 1980s nostalgia.

If so inclined, you could take the season two release date as a direct reference to John Carpenter's Halloween, the 1978 horror film that lends some of its styling to Stranger Things.


Stranger Things season two will be available on Netflix 31st October 2017


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