And thus, after Peter Capaldi announced Gallifrey’s most important Time Lord would be regenerating at the end of series 10, the first and the oldest question in the universe was asked once more: Doctor Who?

The stars of the BBC’s sci-fi show are speaking out and the answer is: a woman, please. Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler has said a male 13th Doctor would “feel like a snub”, Capaldi himself has put forward Harry Potter actor Frances de la Tour as his pick to take the role, and now former Doctor Paul McGann has appeared to put forward his choice: Tilda Swinton.

McGann, who played the eighth incarnation of the Doctor in 1996’s Doctor Who TV film (and reprised the character ahead of the 50th anniversary special), asked fans to re-image the character in form of the Doctor Strange star in Joker-style make-up.

So, why take McGann’s tweet so seriously? Well, he's not alone. There are a lot of people suggesting the BBC should somehow rope the 56-year-old Hollywood talent into taking control of the Tardis.

Considering what a well established star Swinton is, she’s certainly an outsider to become the next Tardis pilot, especially compared to our list of potential new Doctors. But hey, this is a show that regularly pits its lead against a species of whisk-wielding mini-tanks. Anything could happen.