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Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman pens new 11th Doctor and Amy Pond adventure

Nothing O’Clock takes place “somewhere during the first season of Matt Smith,” says Gaiman, and will introduce a new monster, The Kin

Published: Tuesday, 5th November 2013 at 2:47 pm

A new Doctor Who adventure by Neil Gaiman features the 11th Doctor and his companion Amy Pond and introduces the author’s first Who monster, the mysterious Kin.


Nothing O’Clock completes a collection of 11 short stories by acclaimed modern authors – one for each of the Time Lord’s incarnations – celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary.

“I set it somewhere during the first season of Matt Smith,” said Gaiman, “mostly on Earth, in our time now and in 1984, but also somewhere else, a very, very long time ago…”

Gaiman has written two Doctor Who TV episodes – Cyberman adventure Nightmare in Silver and the roundly acclaimed The Doctor’s Wife – but had not yet come up with his own monster.

“I had never created an original monster for Doctor Who and really enjoyed getting to create a creepy Doctor Who monster of the kind that we haven’t quite seen before,” teased Gaiman.

“I hope that the Kin will get out there and occasionally give people nightmares. And that you will be worried if a man in a rabbit mask comes to your door and tries to buy your house...”

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection also features stories from Eoin Colfer, Malorie Blackman and Charlie Higson, along with seven other authors. It will be available as a paperback book as well as an audio download read by some well-loved Who alumni including Nicholas Briggs, Frazer Hines, Sophie Aldred and Nicholas Pegg.

Both versions are released on 21 November, two days before the series celebrates its half-century with special episode The Day of the Doctor.

Karen Gillan's Amy Pond last starred alongside Matt Smith in Doctor Who series-seven episode The Angels Take Manhattan, which saw her and husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) stranded in the past, where they lived out their lives without ever seeing the Doctor again.

Aside from Doctor Who, Gaiman is known for fantasy novels including Neverwhere and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, as well as the Sandman comic book series.



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