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New Doctor Who short story offers the TARDIS' perspective on The Waters of Mars finale

The new material ties into the Time Lord Victorious event.

Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars – Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan) and the Doctor (David Tennant)
Published: Sunday, 15th November 2020 at 1:04 pm

A new Doctor Who short story revisits an important scene from series four special The Waters of Mars, but this time from the perspective of the TARDIS.


The episode sees the doctor travel to the year 2059, where he encounters the first human colony on Mars and comes up against some creepy zombie-like foes.

At the end of the episode, he rescues Captain Adelaide Brooke (played by Lindsay Duncan) from certain death, but in doing so risks causing a fundamental change in the course of human existence.

He defiantly dismisses the danger he has caused in a somewhat sinister monologue delivered to Brooke at the end of the episode, moments before she takes her own life in a desperate bid to correct the time-stream.

A short story written by James Goss, who has produced a large body of work for the Doctor Who and Torchwood franchises, has been published online which reframes this moment as the TARDIS saw it unfold.

The new addition to Doctor Who lore puts particular focus on how the TARDIS experiences time and space differently to others, staying firmly in once place while moving the universe around itself.

The story also sheds further light on how the TARDIS shapes The Doctor's destiny in ways he isn't fully aware of, linking directly to the current multimedia story Time Lord Victorious.

You can read the new story on the Doctor Who website now or find out more about Time Lord Victorious on the official Doctor Who podcast.


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