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Vote for the best Doctor Who series of the modern era – Group 3

It’s a Scot-off as David Tennant takes on Peter Capaldi

Published: Monday, 6th April 2020 at 1:09 pm

The vote to decide Doctor Who’s best ever (modern era) series continues – and this time, it’s a Scottish battle royale.


After placing Christopher Eccleston against Peter Capaldi and David Tennant against Jodie Whittaker, this week’s clash sees the revived series’ two Scot Doctors – David Tennant and Peter Capaldi – pitted against each other, with Tennant’s 2007 series three up against Capaldi’s series 10 (which aired exactly a decade later).

But which series gets your vote? Will the Tenth Doctor’s rebound tour of time and space with Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), the return of the Master (John Simm) and all sorts of chameleon arch chicanery win series three the slot in the next round?

Or will the Twelfth Doctor’s unconventional tutoring of Bill (Pearl Mackie), another Master return (or two) and the rise of Nardole squeak series 10 over the finish line?

Vote now in the poll and seal the Doctors’ fates – or if you prefer, check out a short recap of each series below to refresh your memory.

Series 3

Doctor Who - the tenth Doctor and Martha

Fresh from the loss of Rose, the Tenth Doctor wasn’t looking for another travelling companion – but in Martha Jones, he couldn’t help but find another willing recruit.

Over the course of 13 episodes they battled human-Dalek hybrids, Shakespearean witches, twisted alien families, Weeping Angels, Macra and mutated humans among many other foes.

And for fans of Jodie Whittaker’s most recent episodes, a few key elements of series three – Judoon searches, chameleon arches and hidden Masters – may linger in the memory a little easier.

Series 10


By the time this series aired we already knew Peter Capaldi was on his way out, but over the course of 12 episodes we all fell in love with the Twelfth Doctor all over again.

Pearl Mackie’s Bill was an instant breath of fresh air as companion, Matt Lucas’ Nardole added great comic relief and the episodes themselves – including highlights like Oxygen, Thin Ice, The Pilot and World Enough and Time – marked this out as more than a mere swansong for both Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat.

Also – multi-Master story anyone???

So there's your reminder – but which series gets your support? Vote now, and remember – check back on next week for another round.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One in late 2020/early 2021


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