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After a seriously terrifying episode of Doctor Who, you can bet we have thoughts – and once we managed to stop our teeth chattering, we got stuck right into them in this week’s Radio Times Doctor Who podcast.

In this episode we give our in-depth review of Village of the Angels (spoiler alert – we loved it!), chat to series guest star Annabel Scholey and look over the latest Who news.

And of course, once again we delve into the difficult topics with Controversial Question of the Week – TARDIS edition.

What else can I expect from episode 5?

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Alongside our Doctor Who: Flux Chapter Four review, we caught up with clairvoyant Claire herself, Annabel Scholey.

“I was approached, which was absolutely lovely,” Scholey tells us. “And Chris [Chibnall] sent me an email, because he'd seen Salisbury Poisonings and The Split, that had just luckily come out. And he liked them. I don't know how he got from my character in Salisbury Poisonings to this, but I'm very happy that he did. And yeah, he just asked if I'd like to play it.

“I just thought 'I definitely have to do this.' And I'm mates with Jodie, we did a play together. We played sisters at the National. And I just had the best time working with her.

“And frankly, it was mid-lockdown. It was last December when I got approached. And the idea of going and having fun doing that with Jodie, I thought 'Yes, please, I will. I'll do that.'"

Plus, we ask: what are the best (and worst) TARDIS interiors of all time?

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