Doctor Who’s Village of the Angels includes surprise mid-credits scene

That terrifying cliffhanger wasn't quite the end of things.

Doctor Who

This week’s chilling chapter of Doctor WhoVillage of the Angels – closed on a truly unsettling cliffhanger as the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) was recalled by her old employers, the Division, and was transformed into a Weeping Angel.


But that wasn’t quite the end of the story, as the series made the unusual move of inserting another scene into the middle of its end credits.

After cutting to credits post-cliffhanger, viewers will have seen their screen start to fizz and fluctuate – but this wasn’t a technical error, with the episode then picking up with Vinder (Jacob Anderson), who we last saw parting ways with the Doctor in last week’s Once, Upon Time.

Vinder is seen arriving on the same planet where his beloved Bel (Thaddea Graham) had landed earlier in the episode – but sometime later, long after she’s already departed.

Doctor Who

There, Vinder encounters Namaca (Blake Harrison) – Bel had previously saved Namaca from being abducted by Azure (Rochenda Sandall) and Passenger and while he’d initially resented her actions, believing that the Ravager had come to save him, he’s realised the truth of what occurred by the time Vinder arrives and directs him to a message that Bel has left behind.

She’s recorded a video log in the hopes of reaching her life partner – explaining that she’s “had to go and help some people” – and promises she’ll be broadcasting a beacon for him to hear. But bungling Bel runs out of time on the recording before she’s able to share the co-ordinates of where she’s heading with Vinder.

It seems these two quite literally star-crossed lovers still have a few more hurdles to overcome before they’re reunited – interestingly, Bel is credited as appearing in the next episode, Survivors of the Flux, but Vinder is not, which suggests said reunion might not have till the Flux finale, The Vanquishers.

With the mid-credits scene ended, the episode reverts to the credits, leaving us wondering about the Doctor’s fate once more – just seven days till we find out how she gets out of this one!

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