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Doctor Who: The Vanquishers podcast review

We dissect the action-packed finale and catch up with Karvanista actor Craige Els.

Doctor Who
Published: Sunday, 5th December 2021 at 7:30 pm

And so it ends! After six action-packed episodes we’ve finally reached the conclusion of Doctor Who: Flux, the universe has been saved (again) and the Doctor has some ominous new warnings to chew on as we head into Jodie Whittaker’s final year in the role.


In this week’s Radio Times Doctor Who podcast we give our review of The Vanquishers, unpick the Doctor’s uneasy status on mass murder (this time, it was fine! Don’t worry about it) and try and predict what’s coming up in the 2022 specials.

Plus, we catch up with series 13 star Craige Els (aka Karvanista, last of the Lupari), delve into the official companion classification chart and take a look at the first trailer for the New Year’s Day special. You can’t say we’re slowing down at the end.

What else can I expect from episode 7?

Alongside our Flux finale review, we had a spoiler-filled chat with Karvanista actor Craige Els, the unexpected star of The Vanquishers.

"As soon as I chatted with Chris [Chibnall] and found out what the character was all about, and who he was, and what his purpose was, I just thought: 'What a fantastic idea. What a genius idea.'" Els told us.

"I don’t know if it ever has been done before. I don’t think it has. But the idea of the ultimate version of Man’s Best Friend is such a brilliant idea, that, yeah, I couldn’t wait to play him."

He added: "I think like most people, I would jump at the chance to come back, and be a part of the show again. A friend of mine said when I first got the job – he was saying, 'Wow, that’s amazing. It’s like getting to play for your country, isn’t it?'

"And it is. You know, being in Doctor Who, it’s like being handed an England shirt. 'Now’s your time.'

"You do feel a sort of honour and responsibility, all at the same time. But what a privilege, and what a joy to pay someone like Karvanista. I would absolutely come back and play him again."

And inspired by Karvanista and the Doctor’s (Jodie Whittaker) surprise past, in Controversial Question of the Week we’re asking: when is a companion not a companion?

When and where can I listen?

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Next week, we’ll be back to review series 13 as a whole – so tune in to find out if they vanquished all criticisms, or fluxed it up. Find every episode here.

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