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Doctor Who star Samuel Anderson has worked out how Danny Pink could make a surprise return

The series eight companion and star of new Channel 4 comedy Loaded reckons that Humans actor Ivanno Jeremiah has what it takes to become the next Doctor. But he'd love the job himself...

Published: Saturday, 6th May 2017 at 8:00 am

Samuel Anderson, the actor who played Danny Pink in Doctor Who series eight, has an intriguing idea for who could be picked as the Thirteenth Doctor replacing Peter Capaldi: himself.


The fact that he played Danny – and his future descendant Orson – for a whole series of the sci-fi drama is no obstacle he says, given the endless possibilities of what's possible in Who.

Hell, Peter Capaldi popped up in the BBC series way before he became the Doctor.

“I'd love to say me, I'd love to do Doctor Who of course!” he said when asked him who should get the role.

“You never know, the wonderful thing about Doctor Who is that anything can happen. And it normally does, once you're in there. Listen, if they give me an audition I will be preparing diligently."

Anderson, who stars in a new Channel 4 comedy called Loaded, says he believes that even if he doesn't succeed Capaldi he could still make a surprise comeback in the form of Orson Pink, Danny's future spaceman descendant.


While Danny Pink sacrificed himself at the end of series 8 in 2014, Anderson says that Orson is his way back to Who.

"I would love to go back and play Orson Pink like an old English pilot, a fighter pilot, a tally-ho kind of hero.”

But given that this is unlikely – he hasn’t had the call from Chris Chibnall yet – his pick for the next Doctor would be Ivanno Jeremiah, the actor best known for playing the synth Max in Channel 4’s hit sci-fi drama Humans.


“He's doing a lot at the moment and a role like that for him that would be great," said Anderson. "He’s an incredible actor and you could do a lot with his face, that look. It's a nowhere kind of look you know? Perfect for the Doctor.”

Jeremiah will actually appear in the upcoming series of Doctor Who, having popped up in a trailer for the current series.

Here is a still of the actor in the guise of what looks like a member of the Ancient Egyptian aristocracy:


As for Anderson, he can next be seen in new Channel 4 comedy called Loaded, about four friends who have suddenly landed a £246m fortune after selling their online computer game.

He plays flash boy Leon with the other three characters comprising guilt-ridden public schoolboy Ewan (Jonny Sweet), Nick Helm‘s ex-junkie Watto and Jim Howick’s Josh, a befuddled love-sick beta male.


Loaded starts on Channel 4 on Monday May 8 at 10pm


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