Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi can’t wait to swear again

But Steven Moffat says he'll have to wait until Boxing Day after his final appearance in the BBC1 series


Peter Capaldi has revealed something he can’t wait to do when he hangs up the keys to the TARDIS and bids farewell to Doctor Who. And it’s a bit of an unusual one.


The outgoing Doctor was speaking to Kevin Smith at Comic-Con in San Diego alongside exiting showrunner Steven Moffat when Smith said that one of his favourite performances from Capaldi was as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It.

“I haven’t sworn for four years since I became Doctor Who. I thought it was very inappropriate, but hey I just left,” teased Capaldi.

After being egged on my Smith, who was shouting “bring back Malcolm Tucker!”, Capaldi was chastised by Moffat who said: “The moment Jodie comes on screen, you’re allowed to swear again.”

To which Capaldi retorted: “I’m on on Christmas Day, so on Boxing Day you’ll hear me.”


Although Moffat was quick to reassure us it was not in response to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as The Doctor…