Doctor Who spin-off Class is coming to an end in new finale pictures

We have a week to go until the last episode of the BBC3 online series, where an old enemy will be returning…


While you still may not have had time to watch the penultimate episode of Doctor Who spin-off Class yet (where Katherine Kelly’s Miss Quill goes on a solo adventure), we’re already getting some information about what comes next – namely, what to expect from the series’ long-awaited finale.


In newly-released pictures (below) we can see the gang in a pretty sorry state, with Charlie (Greg Austin) forced to take up arms and Tanya (Vivian Oparah) visibly breaking down emotionally.

But what could have caused such extreme reactions? Why, the return of alien nemesis Corikanus the Shadow King of course, back to reclaim his shared heart from April (Sophie Hopkins) and cause a bit of havoc along the way. Guess their plan to just lock him up on his home world with no guard didn’t help much, then…


Notably, this episode has promised us some death, and in a series that has already been far bloodier than Doctor Who we’re on tenterhooks to see who makes it through. Could Matteusz (Jordan Renzo), in the grip of Corikanus in one picture, be meeting his end or is April for the chop? Or should we be worried that the pictures don’t show us anything of Ram (Fady Elsayed)?


Peruse the pictures at your leisure, and we can start the speculation…


New episodes of Class are released on BBC3 online on Saturdays at 10.00am