Doctor Who series 11 concept artist teases “crazy” new Tardis design

Could this be a major departure from recent Tardis interiors?

Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in 2015's Hell Bent

We know the Tardis has had a subtle exterior revamp ahead of series 11 of Doctor Who – and we may or may not have seen some brief glimpses inside it in leaked images – but in general, the interior design tastes of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor remain something of a mystery.


Which means any snippets of information – however small – are of interest as we wait for our first official look behind those blue doors.

Enter Doctor Who series 11 concept artist Darren Fereday, who has described new production designer Arwel Wyn Jones’s ideas for the interior in one word: “crazy”.

“Just over a year ago, invited me to secret talks to start thinking about a certain TARDIS,” wrote Fereday on Twitter. “His vision was crazy. It hasn’t stopped”.

If Jones’s ideas really are as out there as Fereday suggests, we could be looking at a serious departure from previous Tardis console rooms – and it’s reasonable to assume that the Sherlock set designer would want to put his own stamp on things in his first series working on Doctor Who, especially since the show will also be introducing the first ever female Doctor.


In fact, Jones and Fereday have already collaborated on a pretty radical design for the new sonic screwdriver, so it seems – more than ever in Doctor Who – change really is the order of the day…

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