The creator of podcast drama Doctor Who: Redacted has claimed she was dropped from the show, amid reports of a second season being in the works for BBC Sounds.


The series, which debuted last year, followed university dropouts Cleo, Abby and Shawna, who maintain a long-distance friendship by making a podcast about conspiracy theories – including one about a certain blue box.

They soon find themselves wrapped up in a supernatural conspiracy as anyone with ties to the Doctor begins to disappear without trace, as if being redacted from reality.

Before long, they are the only ones left who can uncover the truth of what's going on.

Though yet to be confirmed by the BBC, reports of a second season have cropped up across the internet, stemming from a recent update by writer Karissa Hamilton-Bannis (via CultBox).

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Redacted season 1 producer Ella Watts responded to the news on her personal Twitter account, expressing her dismay at being apparently replaced "without explanation".

The statement began: "It looks like there's a Doctor Who: Redacted season 2 in the works. Sadly, I won't be working on it. Whilst I was clear I wanted to remain on the project, I was replaced by the BBC without explanation or an application process.

"I believe I'll be replaced by James Goss as producer. If Redacted s2 is anything like his previous work, it'll be fantastic and I wish him the best."

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Watts continued: "Doctor Who means different things to different people. As a fan and a queer woman, to be part of bringing a queer women fronted show to the Whoniverse was an immensely proud moment in my life.

"From pitching it in 2018, to bringing Juno [Dawson, writer] on board in 2019, then producing, casting, script-editing, writing on and directing it – it's been incredible."

She added: "I'm sorry I've not been given the opportunity to see it through. This isn't the first time in podcasting that women have been replaced by men following successful first seasons. I'm heartbroken it happened here.

"I don't know more. I hope production goes well. I can't wait to listen!"

The BBC declined to comment when approached by

It is not a rare occurrence for creative talent to change between seasons on a production.

Doctor Who: Redacted is available to stream on BBC Sounds. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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