The Doctor Who podcast from the team is back! Ahead of series 13’s debut (aka Doctor Who: Flux) on 31st October, Huw and Morgan deliver a preview of what we can expect from first instalment The Halloween Apocalypse.

Apparently featuring Sontarans, a dog-faced alien called Karvanista, the Weeping Angels and John Bishop’s new companion Dan, Flux chapter one looks set to be a particularly action-packed instalment – but how will it all fit together? What beef do the Ravagers have with the Doctor? And do rumours of “time windows” have something to do with it?

Plus, new regular features on the latest Doctor Who news and our “controversial question of the week,” which this week focuses on the identity of the best Doctor of all time...

What else can I expect from episode 1?

Ahead of series 13 we’re previewing the entire series, including our theories about the nature of the Flux itself, and where things could be going overall.

We also touch on the biggest Doctor Who news stories in recent weeks, including the redesign of familiar monsters and the surprise return of ex-showrunner Russell T Davies for the 60th anniversary special. And, in classic fashion, there's a lot of talk about acid oceans and The Keys of Marinus.

Check back on Monday 1st November for our review of the first episode!

When and where can I listen?

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