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Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Christopher Eccleston vs the Cybermen

What’s next for the Ninth Doctor in his new audio adventures?

Doctor Who
Published: Wednesday, 31st March 2021 at 3:27 pm

The Ninth Doctor never took on the Cybermen in his single series of Doctor Who – but now that Christopher Eccleston is returning to the role for a new run of audio adventures, that heinous oversight can now be rectified.


And accordingly, in a future episode of The Ninth Doctor Adventures (coming from Big Finish next year after earlier volumes in 2021) this incarnation will finally face Mondas’ deadliest export, while also teaming up with classic series character the Brigadier for the first time.

In this Week’s Doctor Who podcast we discuss these latest announcements for the eagerly-anticipated audio project, alongside other recent revelations (and the first trailer) that have Whovians around the world seriously excited.

Now that we know these adventures are set before Eccleston’s first TV appearance, how will they fit into the wider show continuity? Could we see him face off with other monsters (like the Sontarans or the Silurians), and how will Big Finish get around the Dalek problem? And could future volumes dip into the narrow gaps within Eccleston’s single TV series as well?

Hopefully some of these questions will become clear over the coming weeks and months – especially as the first Ninth Doctor Adventures are released from May onwards – and then, we’ll have even more Doctor Who content to yammer on about in podcast form. Happy days.

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