Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Do the Daleks need a rest?

New rumours suggest the Daleks are back for Jodie Whittaker’s next series, but is their comeback too soon?

Rusty the Dalek in Twice Upon a Time (BBC, HF)

If you have a passing acquaintance with Doctor Who, pop culture or human society in general it’s possible you’ve heard of the Daleks, the terrifying alien foes of the Doctor (currently Jodie Whittaker) who’ve cropped up in his or her adventures more often than TARDIS parking tickets.


Now, rumour has it that the tinpot terrors (obligatory alliteration there) are about to return for Doctor Who’s next series – but is this too soon after their last invasion in Revolution of the Daleks? Can you have too much of a good (or monstrously evil) thing, or is it time the Daleks were benched? Well, as much as you can bench anything without the ability to sit on one.

To find out, in this week’s Doctor Who podcast we took a look back through recent Dalek stories to find a pattern of good, less good and downright diabolical episodes, and assess whether they Daleks truly are a bit overused in the BBC sci-fi series.

Going from the Daleks of the classic series and their grand reintroduction in 2005 through the slightly obviously-named Cult of Skaro, the New Paradigm Daleks and Rusty the Oddly Important, it’s a whistle-stop tour through the highs and lows of the Daleks’ deadly war on the cosmos – as well as what we’d like to see them get up to in the future, if the rumours really are true.

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