Could Doctor Who follow in Marvel and Star Wars’ footsteps to create a shared TV universe? Former showrunner Russell T Davies certainly thinks so, telling journalist Paul Kirkley (who interviewed Davies for Waitrose Weekend magazine) that he could picture a world where Who had its own TV channel and myriad spin-offs.

“I was in the middle of running an empire,” Davies said of his time on Doctor Who. “And my god I did that 10 years too soon, didn’t I?

“There should be a Doctor Who channel now. You look at those Disney announcements, of all those new Star Wars and Marvel shows, you think, we should be sitting here announcing The Nyssa Adventures or The Return of Donna Noble, and you should have the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors together in a 10-part series. Genuinely.”

He added: “You laugh, but did Star Trek fans ever think they’d be getting a Captain Pike series? Ever? That’s insane. The whole science fiction world is so creative and so money making right now, I think your wildest dreams can come true.”

But is Davies right? In this week’s Doctor Who podcast we try to imagine what a Doctor Who shared universe would look like, kick around a few ideas and compare the BBC sci-fi show to other spin-off projects like DC’s Arrowverse and Universal’s failed Dark Universe film franchise.

Plus, we make our own pitches for the Doctor Who universe shows we’d like to see take flight, along with the rumoured projects that have been whispered over the past few years.

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