Well, that wasn’t at all confusing…


After a particularly complex, twisted episode of Doctor Who this week, we have more to discuss than ever on the Radio Times Doctor Who podcast.

Alongside our usual interview, Who news and Controversial Question of the Week segments, in this new episode our hosts give their review of Once, Upon Time, discuss their own theories about what’s coming next for the TARDIS team and try to unpick the biggest revelations from Flux Chapter Three.

Plus, Morgan has a pitch for a Fugitive Doctor spin-off starring Jo Martin. Your move, Russell T Davies…

What else can I expect from episode 4?

Alongside our review, this week we caught up with PC Yasmin Khan herself, Mandip Gill, to talk all things series 13 and beyond.

"We don't know where like the specials and that are heading for everyone's character, you know, we haven't completed it all," Mandip tells us when asked if she’d return after Jodie Whittaker’s exit next year. "But I've loved every minute of the journey. And actually, that'd be some time in the future that that would happen. But I'd never say... never say never.

"Part of why [Doctor Who] works so well is we don't really know where it's heading. And the audience are so open. What's great about Doctor Who is that the audience are so open to old and new characters all the time.

"They don't need a whole new cast every time it starts with a new Doctor. But at the same time when that does happen, like it did happen for us, they're also massively on board with that."

Plus, in Controversial Question of the Week we ask: is there ever a time to permanently retire a classic Doctor Who monster?

When and where can I listen?

Find all the Doctor Who podcast episodes on Spotify.

Join Huw and Morgan on Mondays for their reaction to the latest episodes, behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew and the biggest discussions about Doctor Who’s past, present and future.

Next week, we’ll be back to review episode four, aka Village of the Angels. Find every episode here.

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