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Neil Patrick Harris' Doctor Who character has "posh British accent" – or does he?

Did the actor just let a secret detail slip?

Neil Patrick Harris in Doctor Who
Published: Saturday, 13th August 2022 at 9:42 am
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Neil Patrick Harris has the Whovian rumour and theory mill in overdrive of late after being cast in Doctor Who's 60th anniversary special.


The It's A Sin star previously unveiled a couple of looks at his Doctor Who character, who looks set to be a villain as returning showrunner Russell T Davies warned: "The stuff we're shooting is off the scale. Doctor beware!"

Many fans have been speculating the role might be that of the Celestial Toymaker, a adversary who hasn't been seen on screen since the '60s.

And now, Harris appears to have teased a brand new detail about his character who – officially, at least – remains shrouded in mystery.

In Wired's Autocomplete Interview, in which he responded to some of the most-searched queries about himself on the internet, the actor discussed what's been taking up his time of late.

"What is Neil Patrick Harris doing these days?" he read out. "A lot!

"I was just in London filming an episode of a special for Doctor Who where I play someone I'm not allowed to talk about," he continued, shooting a cheeky glance down the camera.

"And I had to have a posh British accent," he added. "Or did I...?"

Fans could take Harris' accent comment at face value or see it as a sly red herring, but it's still one of the few pieces of information we have on his character so far.

We previously saw a glimpse of Harris in costume, dressed in a top har and tails, so maybe a "posh British accent" would complement the character's look quite nicely...

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