Last week Doctor Who series 13 unveiled a long list of well-known guest stars, with familiar faces from Line of Duty, The Inbetweeners, Pirates of the Caribbean and many other notable TV shows and films set to join Jodie Whittaker and her team for the six-part adventure.


But clearly, that cast just wasn’t stacked enough – because the BBC have now announced even more actors joining Doctor Who: Flux, on top of the starry bunch already unveiled.

These newly-revealed actors are… deep breath… Rochenda Sandall (Line Of Duty), Sam Spruell (The North Water), Craige Els (Ripper Street and Coronation Street), Steve Oram (The End of the F***ing World), Nadia Albina (The One), Jonathan Watson (Two Doors Down), Sue Jenkins (Brookside, Coronation Street) and Paul Broughton (Clink, Brookside).

"How’s that for a list?" series showrunner Chris Chibnall told press. "It’s really great. And then we’ve got John [Bishop, playing Dan] and Jacob [Anderson, playing Vinder].

"There are some really fantastic actors. You get to see a bit more of them than you normally would in just a single episode."

"It’s all one story. There’s six episodes – or chapters, as they’re going to be labelled," he continued.

"It changes the way we deal with characters – characters who go across more than one episode. Monsters who go across more than one episode."

Overall, it's quite a collection of familiar faces– and while we’re not yet sure who any of these actors are playing, we do have a few ideas. Notably, none of them appeared in the trailer, unlike the actors announced alongside it – so could it be that these performers (some of whom are slightly less well-known) are playing monsters in series 13, hidden by prosthetics?

Doctor Who

Certainly, one of them could be hidden under the dog-like fur of Karvanista or the make-up of a Sontaran – and we can’t help but wonder whether Line of Duty breakout Sandall is playing one of these two mysterious aliens, namely the one on the left.

However, it could also be that they’re playing other key figures in the series. Craige Els, for example, already appeared in a very early teaser for series 13 as the friend and co-worker of John Bishop’s new companion Dan Lewis. So unless he’s secretly an alien in disguise (which would actually be quite cool – what if it turned out everyone Dan knows is actually a monster?) it seems like he’ll just be a friend to Bishop’s important new character.

Still, whoever they all turn out to be, it's clear that a reduced episode count for Doctor Who: Flux does not mean we’re getting any less guest actor action in the new series. That wrap party must have been pretty crowded…


Doctor Who: Flux begins on BBC One on Sunday 31st October. For more, check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page or our full TV Guide.