Doctor Who fans in lockdown are recreating their favourite moments from the show

How to recreate your favourite moments from Doctor Who alongside fans self-isolating all over the world


Stuck at home during the lockdown? Already binged all your Doctor Who boxsets (and counting down until the next watchalong)?


Whovians from all over the world can take part in a new initiative that’s asking Doctor Who fans to film themselves recreating their favourite moments from the past 12 seasons.

Whether it’s on your phone or a camera, Homemade Who is inviting fans to don their rainbow T-shirts, trench coats, and tin foil hats, and act out a moment from the show’s modern era (2005 onwards) to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the sci-fi show’s revival.

A fan's recreation of Victory of the Daleks (Homemade Who)
A fan’s recreation of Victory of the Daleks (courtesy of Homemade Who)

“In the true spirit of Doctor Who, this is all about old-school creativity and imagination using whatever you can find at home,” the Homemade Who website reads.

All the videos will be collated for a compilation video that will be released sometime during May, while the best entry will also win a themed prize.

Videos should be 5-30 seconds long, with no text/titles or music overlaid, and sent to . If you’re filming on your phone, film in landscape (not portrait!). The deadline for entries is midnight on Thursday 30th April 2020, and you can read the full entry guidelines here.


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