Doctor Who isn’t going to be the only time travel show on TV anymore

There’s a new pretender to the crown


Long gone are the days when Doctor Who was the only time-travelling show in town. In the coming weeks and months we’ll get to see superheroes save the past in Arthur Darvill’s new series Legends of Tomorrow and stoners travel through history on a magic bong (yes, Time-Travelling Bong is a real series) – and now there’s yet another pretender to the BBC show’s timey-wimey crown.


Written by Julius “Goldie Sharpe (Family Guy) and executed produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the minds behind The Lego Movie, a new untitled series has been given a pilot by US network Fox.

This latest effort will chart the adventures of three friends who “find a way to travel through time for truth, justice, and riches, which complicates their lives in 2016. They visit some of the greatest moments of the past as they try to resolve their personal problems, while history and pop culture comically collide,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

It remains to be seen whether the prospective series will get any more episodes, but one thing’s for sure – when it comes to TV, time travel is definitely the future.


And, you know, the past.