Doctor Who fans time travel to review series 8

New Doctor Peter Capaldi may have only just started filming Doctor Who, but fans are already posting reviews...

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who series 8 filming has only just swung into action, but fans are already posting up reviews.


Not just of the show – of the complete series 8 DVD.

Yes, it’s like time travel actually exists.

Taking to the Amazon page where you can pre-order the complete series 8 DVD, fans have not only critiqued the show, they’ve made up plot lines, casting and commented on the actors’ performances.

There are already 34 reviews.

“Capaldi absolutely nails the role and Steven Moffat plays an eerily frightening Valeyard, even if the casting choice seems a little dubious,” writes Alex Mortimer-Jones.

“Finally! A musical Doctor Who episode! Imagine my surprise when the Doctor (played by the amazing, wonderful, fantastic in a soft-creamy-and-slightly-pink way Peter Capaldi) is reunited with Captain Jack Harkness to try out for University of Gallifrey’s spring musical!” writes Ms.Bookworm

“I have to say. The surprise regeneration of Capaldi into Steven Moffat was an absolute shocker. Really the highlight of the series. Excellent television,” adds Miles Saveli.


Heck the series has done so well in these futuristic reviews it’s already got an average customer review of 4.5. Perhaps Moffat, Capaldi and co should quit while they’re ahead…