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Doctor Who fans have the best tips for surviving the great Whovian drought of 2016

Trust the fandom who endured a 16 year wait to set the bar for surviving a hiatus

Published: Thursday, 25th August 2016 at 2:17 pm

It’s been nearly 9 months since last we saw the Doctor on our TV screens and with the 2016 Christmas special still months away, fans are feeling the burn.


We're not even sure what date it airs on yet - and the degree of uncertainty is just not acceptable.

Doctor, Doctor, where for art thou Doctor? It’s an awfully lonely Whoniverse without you.

But surviving a Doctor Who drought is second nature to the Whovians, who’ve had to cope with far longer Time Lord shortages in decades past…


They’re experts at this kind of thing you know.

So how do you fill the long days and nights without new Who adventures?

Well, you could always just spend them travelling through space and time… again.

If you add all those Classic and NuWho episodes together, you've got more than 800 instalments of Doctor Who delights to get you though the long days and nights.

And that's before you count the spin-offs...

You could always take someone else on the journey through time and space as well...

Why not make it a family affair? Doctor Who is, after all, perfect tea time TV.

The family that survives a Whovian drought together…. errr… gets out together?

Of course Whovians can also pursue their other loves in life.

Days and nights can be filled with the finest literature, for example.

Or perhaps even some Time Lord adventures on paper.

Music can play a very special role when it comes to survival.

There are always a few Big Finish audio adventures just begging to be listened to.

And if all else fails, there's a very simple solution.



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