Doctor Who fans think Bradley Walsh’s Graham is hiding a massive secret

Is Graham secretly the Doctor? Er…


With only one episode to go in Doctor Who’s 12th series, fans are ready and waiting for some pretty big revelations. Who is the Timeless Child? What are the Cybermen up to? What is the Master’s big secret? And how does any of this relate to Jo Martin’s Doctor?


Clearly, we’re in for some twists and turns when The Timeless Children hits BBC One – but is there another surprise secret hidden in plain sight? That’s the question a few fans are asking following an odd moment in the series’ penultimate episode Ascension of the Cybermen, which apparently saw companion Graham (Bradley Walsh) stumble over his words.

After being told he’s “strange” by Julie Graham’s Ravio, Graham retorts “Excuse me I’m the dor-I’m the most normal bloke you’re ever gonna meet!”

A characteristic bit of stuttering indignation? Probably – but some fans are now wondering whether Graham was about to say something else, specifically “Excuse me – I’m the Doctor!” Yes, really.

In other words, these fans are wondering whether Graham is (like Jo Martin’s Ruth in episode five and possibly the mysterious Brendan) an incarnation of the Doctor in disguise, turned to human using a chameleon arch and unknowingly travelling with his future self.

This might sound strange and unbelievable (because it is) – but plenty of fans are convinced, so who’s to say they’re wrong? After all, there has been a running joke this year that various people (most notably Stephen Fry’s C and John Barrowman’s Jack Harkness) mistake Graham for the Doctor when they encounter him in the series. What if this was a clue all along that Graham wasn’t what he seemed?

And based on this, who knows who else could be a secret Time Lord? Is Yaz the Rani? Is Ryan the Corsair reloaded? Was Grace secretly the Master all along? Will Salad Man be sensationally unmasked as the new Rassilon? It’s all up for grabs!

Unless, of course, this was just a little stutter from Bradley Walsh that made it to air. But that’s not as much fun to speculate about.


Doctor Who: The Timeless Children airs on BBC One at 6:50pm on Sunday 1st March