Did you spot the weighty scientific mistake in Doctor Who episode The Witch’s Familiar?

You won't believe the gravity of this blunder...


Ok, so it has very little bearing on the plot and is not exactly going to shake Doctor Who to the ground but this spot by Redditor Suffocatedwallaby is at least an interesting application of real science to the Whoniverse, and what could be more fun than that, right geeks?


As Suffocatedwallaby points out, something seems to have gone wrong in the Who team’s calculations during The Doctor’s adventures on the Dalek home planet of Skaro in series nine episode The Witch’s Familiar.

Remember that moment when Missy shoves Clara into a hole to see how deep it is…


…and after waiting for the crunch at the bottom decides, “About 20 feet”?

Well if that’s true, Clara would have been falling at a suspiciously slow rate, which would either mean the gravity on Skaro was so weak that its inhabitants would be floating, not walking (or, if you’re a Dalek gliding), or Missy got her sums wrong (please don’t tell her we said that).


Suffocatedwallaby demonstrates this as a result of calculating what the gravity on Skaro would be like if Missy had been right. Full explanation here if you can handle it…


In summary: