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David Tennant on the new Doctor Who: "I'm hoping the public will get to see sides of Jodie that she's often kept hidden"

The former Time Lord has a lot of lovely things to say about his Broadchurch co-star

David Tennant Jodie Whittaker
Published: Tuesday, 27th February 2018 at 1:48 pm

David Tennant thinks viewers might just see a new side to Jodie Whittaker when the actress takes the Tardis for a spin in her first full series of Doctor Who later this year.


Tennant, who knows a thing or two about Doctor Who and - thanks to their starring roles in ITV's Broadchurch - Whittaker, is really excited for audiences to see just what the actress is capable of.

"Because I know Jodie and I can imagine all the things that she might bring to it, I’m thrilled to see what that’s going to look like and what the stories are going to be," Tennant told Heart Scotland at the Glasgow Film Festival.

"She’s such a great choice. I’m hoping the public will get to see sides of Jodie that she’s often kept hidden in the brilliantly sort of detailed character studies that she presents to the world."

And he also predicts there’ll be a dash of humour for us to enjoy too.


"There’s a madness to Jodie, she’s one of the funniest people, so I think we’ll get to enjoy some of that in The Doctor and it’s really exciting", he said.


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