Here's a good omen about Good Omens: David Tennant has teased that it is going to be "quite special" – and unlike anything we've seen before.

The ex-Doctor Who star, who plays Earth-loving demon Crowley in Amazon Prime's upcoming adaptation of the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett novel, is getting "rather excited" about how the show is shaping up.

He and co-star Michael Sheen (angel Aziraphale) recently had a chance to watch a "sizzle reel" or rough trailer.

“It's quite hard tonally to get a grip on what Good Omens is, because it's this very unique world that comes from Terry and Neil's novel and from the scripts, which Neil has adapted pretty faithfully from that novel,” Tennant told The Herald.

"I think it's quite unlike anything I've ever been in before and possibly anything many people have seen before.

"It's like a sort of fairy tale with a kind of very real world setting. It's a farce and it's also deeply serious, it's all things at once and not quite any one of them. If the rest of the show turns out like this early trailer that we've all seen I think it's going to be quite special."

Good Omens will be released next year

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