David Tennant uses Doctor Who catchphrases to reveal the sex of a couple’s baby

"Allons-y" for a girl, "bad wolf" for a boy

David Tennant

How do you make the moment you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl even MORE special than it already is? By having David Tennant reveal the sex of your baby – using Doctor Who catchphrases. The bar has been raised.


A pregnant woman and her partner had the opportunity to meet Tennant in New Orleans, where they surprised him with an envelope. “It has the sex of our baby in,” the father told him. “We don’t know.”

“He’s telling us the sex of our baby,” the mother confirmed. And even more: the Doctor Who star should say “allons-y” if it was a girl, “bad wolf” if it was a boy.

Once he got into the idea, Tennant was extremely excited.

And it was… “ALLONS-Y!!”


It’s hard to tell who was more delighted: Tennant or the actual parents.