He’s played Italian literary lothario Casanova, Harry Potter’s Bartie Crouch, the Tenth Doctor and Broadchurch’s gruff DI Alec Hardy but it looks as though David Tennant has regenerated into a bearded hipster for his next movie role.


No, really. He has.

David Tennant and Faye Marsay in You, Me and Him
David Tennant and Faye Marsay in You, Me and Him (Source 1 Media)

Just look at him.

David Tennant in You, Me and Him
David Tennant in You, Me and Him (Source 1 Media)

He looks as though he’s about to try and sell you some succulent pulled pork.

The Scottish actor is sporting serious facial fluff to play a rather curious character in a new film called You, Me and Him. Tennant stars as John, the obnoxious neighbour of 40-year-old magistrate Olivia (Lucy Punch) and carefree party girl Alex (Faye Marsay), who are very much in love.

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Olivia is desperate to have a baby and begins the artificial insemination process, much to the shock of her younger other half. Alex appears to retaliate by having a one night stand with John, and discovers she’s carrying his baby just as Olivia reveals she’s pregnant too.

This sets the stage for a rather interesting chain of events to unfold, as John actually steps up to the plate and demands that the ladies allow him to be his baby’s daddy.

Can the three learn to live in harmony before they become five?

You, Me and Him looks like an absolute hoot and boasts a very familiar looking cast. Keep an eye our for Sarah Parish, Nina Sosanya, Ingrid Oliver, Simon Bird, Sally Phillips, Gemma Jones, David Warner and Don Warrington, all of whom pop up at some point along the way.


You, Me and Him is due to open in UK cinemas in April 2018