Watch a very hyper David Tennant dance his way offstage in Chicago

After guzzling an energy drink, the former Doctor Who star needed to blow off some steam. It’s all downhill from here


Want to see David Tennant hyperactively dance off a stage in America? Well, of course you do. You’ve probably dreamed of this moment for months, if not years, cracking open the crusty pages of the internet each morning to see if your wish has been granted only to furiously cast it aside each time, thwarted by the grey, Tennant dancing-less reality that we live in.


Now, though, it’s finally happened, thanks to a panel at C2E2 (that’s the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo for “salient detail” fans) which saw Tennant look back on his most popular roles while also knocking back a “Monster Coffee” energy drink.

“This might get me an advertising contract,” Tennant quipped as he cracked open the bottle, and while he had a mixed response to what was inside – “it’s not as bad as it sounded,” he noted – it certainly seemed to fill him with beans by the time the panel ended, with the Scottish actor bounding off stage to the strains of the Proclaimers.

Now, your soul fully realised by watching David Tennant dance a bit as he left a stage, you can live your life – but there’s a cost. Each hour will take you a step further away from that happy eight seconds of Twitter video dancing, into an inevitable trough of life that may remain unpunctuated by gyrating former Broadchurch stars for the rest of your days.

Was it truly better to live in the anticipation of David Tennant slightly dancing, with the possibility always hanging over you, kept out of reach like a modern Tantalus? Or to have drank at the well of Tenth Doctor shenanigans, only to know you may never taste that sweet water again?


You only have the rest of your life to work it out.