Could Kris Marshall be joining Doctor Who after all?

Will the former Death in Paradise star be cast as Jodie Whittaker's companion in space and timey-wimey?


Here’s a thought for Whovians: Thirteenth Doctor favourite Kris Marshall may have missed out on taking control of the Tardis, but could the former Death in Paradise star become Jodie Whittaker’s companion on Doctor Who?


Just maybe. An unnamed ‘source’ recently suggested to The Sun that Marshall is being lined up as the next assistant, saying: “Kris is a big fan of the show and the BBC are a big fan of his.”

Okay, this unconfirmed story is few lightyears from anything solid, with the BBC offering no hints on the show’s future. And remember, the incorrect rumours about Kris Marshall replacing Peter Capaldi on the sci-fi show originated from a similar unnamed source.

However, doesn’t Whittaker’s casting as the Thirteenth Doctor make a male companion more likely? Wouldn’t the BBC want Doctor Who’s leading double act to be a mix of genders to appeal to many as possible? And if so, could that companion be Marshall?

After all, although the star’s bumbling acting style we’ve seen in Death in Paradise and Love Actually might not suit The Doctor’s character – normally a head-strong omniscient type – it could lend itself perfectly to a grounded companion.

But, then again, there may not be a need for a new assistant. Pearl Mackie, who played Bill through season 10 has said she’d want to come back to the show, and Matt Lucas’ Nardole is still alive and roaming the Whoniverse.

Here’s just hoping if a new assistant is announced we won’t have to sit through more months of speculation – and another Wimbledon final – to find out if it’s Marshall or not.


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 this Christmas