Chris Evans and Brie Larson want to join Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie

The former Captain America fancies a trip to a galaxy far, far away alongside his Endgame co-star


When news broke that Marvel Studios President and Cinematic Universe mastermind Kevin Feige is developing a Star Wars film for LucasFilm, fans’ minds were racing as to what they could expect, with Feige apparently already thinking of a major star for a role in the project.


But depending on what Feige has planned that mysterious cast could already be getting bigger.

You see, Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstay Chris Evans – who previously played Captain America in several of Feige’s Marvel films including 2019’s Avengers: Endgame – has suggested that he’d be interesting in being a part of Feige’s take on Star Wars, replying to a tweet by website Collider about fans’ hopes for the cast.

Clearly, Evans had a good enough time with Feige over the last eight years or so to sign up with him again – and he’s not alone.

As it turns out, Evans’ fellow Marvel captain Brie Larson (aka Carold Danvers/Captain Marvel) had already appeared to be lobbying for a job in Feige’s new film earlier that day – and fans were predictably excited to imagine the pair in a galaxy far, far away.


So will Larson and Evans actually join Feige’s new Star Wars movie? Well, it’s early days – as far as we can tell Feige doesn’t even have a director or a writer attached yet – but given his background, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see an Avenger or two assemble in Feige’s cast. Watch this space.